The Company

Agrilion Commodity Advisers LLC is a private and independent New York based consultancy firm that provides bespoke risk management solutions and advisory services in the sugar and ethanol markets.
With backgrounds in risk management, trading and market analysis across the soft commodity and biofuels markets, our team brings significant commercial and practical experience working as counterparties and/or advisers to producers, refiners, industrial users, hedge funds, banks, brokers and trade houses worldwide that we can use to meet a client's specific needs.

Agrilion's services can currently be divided into four areas:

  • Price Risk & Opportunity Management
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Market Advisory Services
  • Workshops & Seminars

We are not affiliated with any trade house, bank, futures broker or OTC provider. As such, we can work with any individual or business entity to obtain the best products or solutions to meet a client's requirements.

In addition, Agrilion acts as Green Pool Commodity Specialist's representatives for the marketing and sales of their sugar and biofuels reports and consultancy services while also helping to support and service Green Pool's clients in our region.

We have also spoken on the international sugar market and market related themes at trade conferences in North and Central America and the Middle East, including the Dubai Sugar Conference, the International Sweeteners Colloquium, the Commodities Investing Summit, the World Sugar Investment Conference and FO Licht Ethanol Latin America Conference.